High Efficiency Powerful Removal Laser Cleaning Machine ASG-500


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Product Introduction


Raymond Laser launched this 200/500/1000w laser cleaning rust machine ASG-500 to meet various industries’ requirements,such as rust, paint stripping, oxide layer cleaning. 

Raymond Laser cleaning is environmentally safe and very economical. The use of metal surface laser cleaning rust machine is an advanced no-contact cleaning technology. This new type 500Wlaser metal rust remover can be equipped with Germany IPG or China Top Raycus laser source.24 hours technical support can help you to solve any machine problems. 

Application Field


Application Area: this kind of laser rust removal machine is widely applied in mold industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, food processing, sewage treatment, rubber tires, petrochemical and other industries. 

Application Scope: this laser cleaning rust machine can quickly remove paint and remove metal or glass surface coating, rust, and a variety of oxides, grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residues, rough metal surface. laser The cleaning rust machine can also remove the greasy dirt, Post-weld oxide and dispose of the residue before welding. Mould cleaning,such as tire mould, electronic mould, food mould. Greasy dirt of the precision parts can be removed after production and processing. All in all, this laser removal machine can quick cleaning of nuclear component maintenance. 



Product Advantages


1.We provide 20 or 30 meters fiber to satisfy diverse demands of this laser metal rust remover.

2.The portable laser rust remover is suitable for many kinds of materials and this industrial laser rust remover can be widely applied in many industries in a flexible and efficient way

3.Equipped with hand-held cleaning head,this industrial laser rust remover is easy of control and can be used for long hours.

4.This portable laser rust remover machine works safely and stably even in a very poor working environment.

5.No medium used, this industrial laser rust remover with integrated design,only electricity.

6.You can choose precise location and accurate size to clean by this portable laser rust remover.




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