High efficiency powder grinder DFY-X500




  • Product function: crushing grain, Chinese medicinal materials, rice paste, beauty food, feed, minerals, etc
  • Scope of use: family, pharmacy, shopping malls, shops, health clubs, laboratories, etc
  • Crushing materials: Panax notoginseng, maca, donkey-hide gelatin, rock sugar, rice, red bean, peanut, walnut, sesame, Chinese yam, etc
  • About fineness: the fineness is controlled by the machine through grinding time. Theoretically, the fineness is about 300 mesh, and there will be differences between different ingredients
  • Working time: the crusher has high revolution, and the working time generally does not exceed about five minutes, and the interval of cooling is five minutes.


  • Intelligent reset: overload automatic power off, ensure machine transfer, safety do not burn motor, do not need to replace the fuse.


The product name High efficiency multi-function pulverizer
Product model DFY-X500
The main body material 304 stainless steel
Product net weight 11KG
Rated power 2200W
Grinding fineness 30-300 mesh
Grinding capacity 500g
Motor revolutions 25000 r


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