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GT4B3 type can not turn electric can sealing machine


GT4B3 type can not turn electric can sealing machine


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1. This product is mainly used for sealing and packing all kinds of round PET plastic, iron, aluminum and paper cans. The product design is advanced, the structure is reasonable, and the operation is simple and light, is the food, medicine, tea and chemical industry and other industries essential ideal packaging equipment.

2, the main body of the product is made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, in line with most of the standard production workshop design requirements.

3, using a single motor to work, the parts processing precision, production technology and process after the company long time precipitation and continuous improvement, has the advantages of low noise, low failure rate.

4, this product is equal to the national standards, ministerial standards, enterprise standards, and after strict inspection and testing qualified before permission to leave the factory


1. Performance description: Two rollers are used to seal the sealing, the first wheel completes the edge winding, the second wheel completes the edge holding, the structure is simple and the adjustment is convenient. Using the latest generation of mechanical design, the sealing process of the tank does not turn, sealing roller rotation completed sealing, reliable and safe, especially suitable for fragile products and liquid products sealing packaging. Roller work and tank lifting are controlled by mechanical CAM and run stably and reliably.

2. Main features; The latest generation of design can sealing machine, its biggest feature is that the tank body does not rotate when sealing, to avoid the displacement and scattering of the product installed in the tank body, simple operation, only one key can complete the sealing. High processing precision, the main body of stainless steel, material design and manufacturing in line with production


Canned seal number 1
Closing speed 20-25Cans/min
Can sealing height 50-200mm
Suitable for bottle diameter 50–150mm
Working voltage AC220V/50/60Hz
power 370W
The weight of the 120KG
size 400*600*1450mm


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