Electrostatic Battery Powered ULV Fogger RMD-751


Product Description

Raymond Electronstic Battery Powered ULV Fogger has multiple functions such as disinfection, dust removal, humidification, and pest control. It is suitable for disinfection and epidemic prevention of air in public places, surface disinfection, and insecticide in indoor and outdoor environments. Good atomization performance, long spray distance, electrostatic atomization technology, strong adsorption, no dead corners, drug saving, time-saving, high efficiency, simple operation, long standby time, high efficiency and durability.

Basic working principle

The electrostatic battery powered ULV cold fogger use high-power super speed brushless DC motor, the high speed motor can drive the fan blade to produce high-speed rotating air, meanwhile, the liquid is delivered to the micro nozzle with constant flow rate and high speed air flow, under the action of high-speed rotating air and special structure of nozzle, the liquid is broken into tiny droplets. The electrostatic fogger makes the micro droplets with electrostatic charge, which makes the spraying droplets disperse more widely, adsorb more strongly and have better uniformity.

Operation instructions

  • Add the prepared liquid into the tank, and tighten the cap after adding.Note: Do not add liquid beyond the maximum capacity of the tank (2L), and do not pour the liquid into the gap between the tank and shell to avoid battery failure.
  • Booting process

1) Firstly, hold the contact piece and wear the electrostatic bracelet

2) Secondly, turn on round button switch on the right side.

3) Thirdly, switch on the red electrostatic button.

4) When finish the work, turn off the red button first, then move the hand from the contact piece, and take off the bracelet, the switch off the round button.

5) After spraying the liquid, first clean the residual liquid in the tank with clean water, pour it out, and then add a small amount of clean water to spray for 1-2 minutes, to prevent the liquid from clogging or corroding the nozzle and pipes.

Battery usage and maintenance

In order to facilitate continuous work and use by customers, this machine can optionally be equipped with one spare battery. 1. Charging instructions: When the battery is charging, the indicator light of the charger turns red. When the indicator light of the charger turns green, it means that the battery is fully charged. 2. The whole machine charging scheme: The machine must be placed in a safe, dry and normal temperature environment for charging; the rocker switch must be turned off to ensure the shutdown state when charging; the machine should be placed stably when charging, and the charger plug must be charged with the side of the machine connect the interface, continue charging until the indicator light turns green; the charging time is 5-6 hours.

Packing List

  • 1× Battery powered ULV cold fogger
  • 1× Charger DC24V 1.8A
  • 1× Screwdriver
  • 1× Belt
  • 1× Sponge
  • 1× O-ring 8.5*1.8 mm
  • 1× Operation manual
  • 1× Electrostatic bracelet
  • Nozzles 0.8mm, 1.0mm (Installed on the machine) 1.5mm


Please DON’T fill alcohol in the ULV fogger sprayer or it will catch fire. The motor will get hot while use, it’s normal please don’t consider the product defected

100% Good Aftersales Service

If you have any questions on our product, please feel free to contact us, Our Aftersales service sure will provide 100% satifying reply for you within 24 hours.


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