Panax notoginseng, American ginseng, white peony, Gastrodia dahurica, ginseng and other Chinese medicinal materials can be easily sliced 

Thickened cutter head integral forming integral bearing plate strong and durable super coarse spindle power guarantee.


  • All kinds of block and root materials were sliced, such as American ginseng, maca, deer antler, Panax notoginseng, Gastrodia elata, ginseng, red ginseng, Angelica, codonopsis, ginger and so on.
  • Fresh material is sliced directly, dry material needs to be baked soft before sliced.


The name of the model voltage power Motor speed The weight of the The thickness of the slice Overall dimensions
Slicing machine DYQ838 220V/50HZ 300W 1400r/min 12kg 0.3-3mm 330X180X290
DYQ838B 300W 12.5kg
DYQ401B 400W 19.5kg 340X230X310
DYQ401 400W 24kg
DYQ828 400W 26.5kg 380X260X540
Draw out Chinese medicine slicer DYQ551 300W 12kg 307X181X233
Vertical slicing machine DYQ823 1500W 60kg 380X300X800
Chinese medicine slicer DYQ888 600W 35.5kg 400X300X390
Multi-function ginseng antler slice machine DYQ801 1500W 62kg 560X380X500
East leather ali slicer DYQ802 2000W 98kg 540X420X660


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