Continuous Induction Sealing Machine / LGYF-1500AI


LG’F-1500A- table style continuous induction sealing machine is major suitable for capping operation of flat-capped small bottleneck with thread that is made of non-metal materials such as plastic glass, while it is not suitable for metal & non-threaded bottleneck, or seamed high cap, or bottleneck whose diameter is ranging (20-50. Especially it is suitable for the customers who carrying out continuous capping operation for large output and lot.

Product Detail:



Power (V/Hz) AC 220/50110/60
Sealing Power (W) 1500w
Sealing Diameter(mm) 20-p50
Bottle Height (mm) 40-200
Sealing Speed (m/ Min) 3月10日
Load of conveyor(kg) ≤20
Housing material cold rolled sheet spray housing
Housing protection grade lP2I
External Dimensions (LxW*H)(mm) 1150×480×400
weight (kg) 38


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