Continuous Feeding Mill DLF-30/35



  • Fine powder: with fine screen, can only crush dry materials, oily viscous materials are not suitable for crushing
  • Suitable for crushing fiber, rhizome, Chinese medicinal materials such as dendrobium officinale, astragalus membranaceus, Panax notoginseng, macaca Quinquestoria, etc


  • Suitable for Chinese and western pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical raw materials, feed, fiber materials, hard brittle materials crushing.
  • It is suitable for ordinary grinding under 150 mesh, with advantages of small loss, low noise and wide application.
  • DLF series continuous pulverizer is aimed at the common grinding fineness requirements of many industries. It is a grinding method supplemented by shear, impact and grinding. Rapid rotation by two (six) swinging hammers; Send shear and friction with grinding chute, so as to smash the material.
  • For a variety of properties of materials crushing can achieve good results, and for noise, dust have a good control ability. The power consumed by this machine will be 1/3 or even less than that of the universal crusher, and the fineness will be higher


Model DLF-18 DLF-20 DLF-25 DLF-28 DLF-30 DLF-35
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 2.0KW 2.5Kw 3.OKW 3.0KW 3.5KW 3.5KW
Motor speed 2840r/min 2840r/min 2840r/min 2840r/min 2840r/min 2840r/min
The weight of the 28kg 30kg 32kg 34kg 65kg 78kg
Fineness 30-150mesh 30-150mesh 30-150mesh 30-150mesh 30-180mesh 30-180mesh
Installation Dimensions 550×170x530mm 550×250x590mm 550×170x530mm 600×250x700mm 900x600x600mm 900x600x600mm


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