Herb Grinding Machine DLF-50S



Can quickly crush soft and hard medicinal materials, including tianqi, seahorse, shanci mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, American ginseng, etc. At the same time for Chinese and western medicine, pearl, chemical raw materials, all dry food raw materials have an effective and ideal crushing effect (except oil viscosity wetness)


  • This machine adopts the principle of classification double chamber crushing, the structure of inside and outside two crushing silos, the combination of coarse and fine powder, high hardness or with fiber more difficult to crush the Chinese medicinal materials crushing effect is good, there will be no fiber and wool flocculent material residue;
  • High grinding fineness of 30-180 mesh, no need for multiple crushing or mesh screening;
  • Suitable for a wide range of Chinese medicinal materials, such as panax notoginseng, maca, iron sheet maple bucket, astragalus and other dry block, sheet, root diameter and leaf
  • Subclass of Chinese medicinal materials (diameter less than 4cm) can be directly pulverized by feeding;
  • The loss rate is very lower than 5%, the residue of crushing chamber is less, and the extraction rate of crushing materials is high;
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel, in line with GMP drug production standards, the material is excellent, long service life;
  • This series of products are equipped with micro switch, protection performance is stronger;
  • This machine is equipped with air cooling device, can be edge continuous feeding, high efficiency, large output, grain fineness can be adjusted by changing the screen;
  • The series are equipped with overload protector to prevent damage to the machine due to excessive load during operation.
  • The series are filtered by screen, factory standard with 60/80/100/120 mesh 4 kinds of screen.


Model Voltage Power Motor speed Weight Fineness Installation dimensions
DLF-45S 220V 3KW 3000r/m 58kg 30-150mesh 600x435x260mm
DLF-50 220V 2.5KW 4800r/m 50kg 60-180mesh 700x240x500mm
DLF-50B 220V 3.0KW 5200r/m 50kg 60-180mesh 700x240x500mm
DLF-50S 220V/380V 2.5KW/3.0KW 5200/6000 r/m 54kg 60-180mesh 700x240x500mm
DLF-70 220V/380V 4.0KW 5200r/m 78kg 60-200mesh 720x300x530mm
DLF-70S 220V/380V 4.0KW 5200r/m 81kg . 60-200mesh 720x310x550mm
DLF-80S 220V/380V 4.0KW 5200r/m 102kg 60-200mesh 760x880x370mm


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