Herbs grinder machine YF-114B



  • This product can grind Chinese medicinal materials, whole grains, coffee beans, seasonings.
  • The product can be full swing grinding, swing grinding speed, high efficiency, more delicate and uniform grinding.
  • The product uses all copper core motor, can automatically adjust the power, energy saving 30%  .
  • Super crushing can not drop slag three layer knife steel three-dimensional grinding, middle double edge long knife, sweeping the whole warehouse, 270 degrees without dead Angle grinding


  • This product adopts the design of top bump, which can make the material fall off automatically when it touches the bump, making the crushing more delicate.
  • Timing switch: according to the material needs, set the powder time. Turn the switch to the required time, then automatically stop.


model capacity voltage power Motor speed The weight of the fineness(orders) Overall dimensions
YF-111B 100g 220V/50Hz 350W 25000r/min 2.4kg 30-200 160X160X315
YF-103B 200g 800W 4.0kg 180X170X360
YF-114B 200g 900W 5.3kg 180X180X340
YF-116B 300g 1100W 7.5kg 210X210X350
YF-118B 400g 1200W 8.0kg 220X220X360
YF-150B 500g 1300W 8.2kg 230X230X360
YF-800 800g 2100W 9.5kg 240X240X360
YF-1000 1000g 2300W 11kg 250X250X390


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