Blister Packing Machine BM-III


This machine is designed for small pharm factory, healthcare plant, food plants and preparation rooms,can be used to pack solid drugs like capsule, tablet, gelatin pearl, suppository, milk tablet, candy and hardware. The whole set is of compact design, beautiful appearance, smooth operation and low noise. Use internal heating method to ensure the PVC is evenly heated. There is no bubble in the aluminum foil while heating and hence no waste will occur.



Model BM-III
Max. Heating Area(mm) 80*100
Overall Dimensions(mm) 250*200*235
Power(W) 500
Capacity(pcs/min) 5–20
Package Size(mm) 370*330*310
Weight(kg) 14


  • Our machine comes with a set of blister mold freely. If you need to customize other blister molds, you could send us your design picture.
  • Read the instructions carefully when setting the machine up for the first time, or when using the machine for the first time.
  • The operation of the machine is easy.


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