APC-D901 Pressure Capping Machine




Accomplish cap ordering, cap adding, cap pressing automatically.According to customers different cap, design specialized capping away.Equipped with human-computer interface and PLC control system, Ensure more stable operation and easier handling.Self-diagnose errors and stop working to make alarm at errors and missing bottles, caps. It keeps the working process continuous and inerrant avoids any waste of materials.Fully automatic operation, intelligent interconnection with before and after process, good coordination, no need for specia operation, saving labor.

  1. Strong compatibility ,suitable for various sizes of cap shape,bottle shape.
  2. A pair of cap dropping and wearing device suit for all kinds of bottle caps.
  3. Cap unscrewing torque control, ensure the quality of the screw cap (optiona)
  4. Oscillating swivel wheel, strength is more suitable, greatly reduce the swivel wheel wea
  5. No bottle or cap ,no work .By testing, capping screwing machine will wipe out the skew,inverse caps and caps without aluminium foil.It h  as the function of fault self examining and any other check warning control functions ,so it can  ensure the continuity and accuracy.
  6. Operate automatically ,intelligently control with the last and next process, with good Harmony .Special operating person is not necessary  so capping screwing machine  can save labor cost.


Applicable bottle shape:20 ~ 500 ml round, oval, square and flat bottles

Production capacity:35~80 bottles per minute

Power supply:AC220V 50Hz1.8kw

Air pressure:0.6Mpa

Overall dimension:1850×600×1560mm



NO Name Manufacturer
1 Motor TQG(Taiwan)
2 Stepper Motor EVER ELETTRONICA (Italy)
3 Photoelectric sensor  for Seeing bottle ORMON
4 Switch button Schneider
5 Main Control Board PLC Adopt Delta/Siemens
6 Man-machine interface Adopt Siemens/Siemens


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