APC-A100 Automatic bottle unscrambler




This machine is equipped with quantity control system and overload protection device.
APC-A100 Automatic Bottle unscrambler is a machine with convenient operation, easy maintenance and steady performance.
The machine is made up of high-quality 304 stainless steel,easy to clean and sterilize. Meet with GMP standards.

  1. High speed bottle unscrambler machine is a mechanical and electrical integration of the equipment, easy to operate, easy maintenance, reliable operation. Adopt all English interface touch screen, PLC microcomputer control system, include counting, working parameters setting, display and other functions, can be arbitrarily adjusted in the range of parameters.
  2. The bottle unscrambler machine is equipped with a bottle of quantitative control detection and overload protection device, the noise is less than 70Db.
  3. Machine rack and bottle barrel are made of 304 high quality stainless steel materials, easy to clean and disinfect, no dead ending, in accordance with the requirements of GMP.


Main technical parameters
Type Name Output Power supply Net dimensions Weight
APC-A100 High speed bottle unscrambler machine 30-100 220V/50HZ/0.15kw 950*950*1000 220


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