Battery Powered ULV Fogger RMD-750

Battery Powered ULV Fogger RMD-750


Electrostatic Backpack ULV Fogger RMD-ES790

Electrostatic Backpack ULV Fogger RMD-ES790

Multiple Nozzles 360° Intelligent Spray System


Aerial fogger system is an invention patented high-performance air disinfection equipment of Raymond; it has various functions such as disinfection, cooling, dust removal and anti-static, and is widely used in various industries such as sanitation, disinfection, epidemic prevention and food safety. The droplet size of aerial fogger system is uniform and fine, and the suspension time is more than 10 minutes. They are usually used in specific places that require strict disinfection.

A good livestock house environment is a strong guarantee for the healthy growth of livestock and poultry. A large number of pathogenic microorganisms, more dust and low air humidity will cause the occurrence of animal respiratory tract diseases. Professional spray disinfection equipment can cut off the route of transmission and kill harmful germs. In the process of aquatic breeding production practice, people use many spray disinfection equipment, from the early spraying to the current high-pressure misting system, there are defects such as leakage, blockage and unsuitable droplet. The aerial fogger system adopts two-fluid air atomization principle, which is currently the world’s most advanced low-pressure atomization technology. It has significant advantages such as sufficient atomization, uniform droplets and no dead ends in disinfection. It plays an important role in controlling various diseases of livestock and poultry.


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