Powder Filling Machine

Allpackchina powder filling machine can be used for filling all kinds of  fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, gourmet powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee, fodder, solid medicine, agriculture pesticide, granularity additive, dyestuff, and so on. LCD or touch screen control( in Chinese or English), Servo-motor driving screw. The surface of whole machine is made by stainless steel material except of motor. Knockdown Transparent hopper, which could be washed without tooling.Dexterous and flexible, easy removal. There is no limit of packaged container. It is widely used invariable materials and package-weight specifications.All  Allpackchina powder filling machines have high speed response(exclusive in China)on-off or servo motor drive screw.,high precision, high speed, big torsional moment, long life to use.

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