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Allpackchina Bin Blender (also called IBC Blender or Pharmaceutical Blender or Pharmaceutical Powder Blender) is a kind of mechanically, optically, and electrically integrated equipment that adopts PLC control technology and variable frequency control technology. Blender Bin can automatically complete all actions of the mixing hopper including clamping, lifting, mixing, and lowering.

Bin blenedrs manufactured by Allpackcgina are mainly composed of left and right bases, lifting systems, rotary systems, electric control system, and pharma bin. Allpackchina has two kinds of bin blenders, one is posted bin blender, the other one is double base Blender Bin. Different capacity bins are interchangeable on one bin blender.

Allpackchina IBC bin blender is used in the process required to uniformly blend two or more kinds of powder material in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.It is logically structured with reliable and easy operations. Also, it can be used with IBCs in various capacities to support productivity enhancement.

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What is Bin Blender?

A bin blender  also can be called container tumbler or industrial blender or v blender, blends dry powders for tablets and capsules production through powder mixing techniques. Many powder mixing techniques are used to produce blender particles that further produce capsules and tablets. A bin blender, that could even be a v blender, facilitates better flow for capsules and tablets through produced blender particles. It is a type of free fall blender that can handle several containers.

Bin blenders are dust-free, closed containers, and have a step transfer system. They come in handy when the blending process requires clamped blending containers in a fixed position or the available container is insufficient for the batch.  The bin blender specifications vary according to shapes and sizes. Post Bin Blender, IBC Bin Blender, Fixed Bin Blender, Laboratory Bin Blender, etc. available for your choice depending upon the powder mixing technique.

Importance of Bin Blender to Pharmaceutical Industry

Bin blenders are the most used equipment for mixing granular medicine and solid powder in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to its high mixing uniformity and mobile hopper it effectively facilitates excellent mixing, discharging, and cleaning. Bin blender can organically be joint in line hence overcoming dust and cross-contamination that results from the separated material transfer. Blending series suffice various, large quantity mixed requirements.

Pharmaceuticals bin blenders are convenient to maintain, reliable, and have excellent structure. They meet all the technical requirements for necessary systems, including a pharmaceutical program operating system, safety protection shutdown system, automatic, accurate alignment system, process parameter setting system, and automatic record printing system.

The technical abilities make the automatic production and operation of the blender simple. Also, the bin blender machine is reliable and safe to operate thanks to the proportional position sensor. It is also easy to clean

Main Components of Bin Blender

Below are the main components of bin blenders.

1.Driving system

The driving system rotates the rotary frame ensuring that blending takes place. It consists of an electric motor attached to the rotary frame using gears, conveyor belts, and shafts.

2.Lifting system

It lifts the bin from the ground using hydraulic pressure.

3.PLC control system

This system controls the blending process when a user key command through HMI. Some of the dates the user can enter include rotation speed, start or stop command, lowering or lifting the bin, and number of cycles.

Bin Blender Working Principle

The bin blender working principle is quite complex but easy to understand. Tablet and capsule production in bin blenders is a single step transfer system. The draft granules enter IBC containers in the granulation area for blending. The blending process is done through a dust-free connection.

The IBC container is loaded to a blender for the blending process. The IBC bin is locked at 15 degrees in the resting frame. Then it is lifted in a 15° inclined position. Eventually, the IBC container rotates in three dimensions. The container is then loaded over the tablet press for eventual unloading in tablet press hoppers. This is a strain-free convey structure.

Bin Blender Standard Features

Some deal features of a bin blender include:

Stain-Free and dustproof

The charging hole has a cover at the top which supports quick opening and closing. The joints are dustproof for particle-free transmission. Ideal bin blenders are dust-free.


The bin blender machine should be flexible in the sense that you should be able to switch on container size such that it can dispense varying sizes of production batches in a single piece of equipment. The ability of the bunkers to handle more than one size of containers is an added advantage.

Benefits of Bin Blender

When employed in the manufacturing process, the bin blender has several benefits, which include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient blending
  • Simple controls
  • Blending recipes automation
  • Customization
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Steady performance
  • Compact structure
  • Processing data print out

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